03 November 2008

Masjid Terapung

~ gambar ni kita ambik dr web Terengganu Tourism....

~ Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah, Teluk Ibai, Terengganu....
begitu mendamaikan....

~ gambar ni kita snap sendiri & jadikan koleksi wall-paper...

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ahmetnuray said...

(Eklenme tarihi:05.11.2008)
Ahmet Nuray
Ahmet Nuray living in the USA and Switzerland for many years, introduces himself and his studies as it follows:
I was born in İzmir, in 1950. As my father was a carver ,I started carving at the age of 13.
I studied at the Art Institute of Çınarlı, in the department of carving. Then going to the USA,
İn addition to sculpture, ceramic,glass,tree,Stone carving I had pedagogy training. Completing my education I gave lessons in private schools in the USA in the field of sculpture,ceramic and glass and also lessons titled “Art including pedagogy tendency”.I exhibited over 50 collections of mine in the USA Switzerland and France Therefore, I made my living.I have pieces of works in special collections and in the museum of White House.
Stone and marble are the main materials in my works ,my medium is both classical and abstract which can be called New Modernism.In my works, I am to Express the zeal for freedom in living creatures, I enjoy engraving the theme in geometric lines.Henry Moore is my favorite sculptor of those modern sculptors. The lines of Giacometti are familiar to mine.
Dali is familiar in terms of theme.
The discovery and improvement of the ağabeylities of children can be provided by directing
Their energy into art.Because art is a way of communication.
I have made studies in the reformatories where guilty children are kept. I noticed that children found guilty due to various it.A child having familial problems in reformatory because of committing a public crime was coincidentally the theme of my study.The sixteen-year old child be ing under psychological pressure was confused.
The energetic child was rather introverted due to the feeling of guilt. Being friends, we cherished the hope of hte goad days we visited workshops. He was so much impressed that he’d also like to do these sort of things.Getting permisson from the reformatory, I look him to my workshop. When he realized that he wasted his energy, he proved to be more creative. He made over 10 works from mud in 3 monthe.Two years later. I met him in one of the colleges in California white attending sculpture lessons. Being in Turkey, I would to like to make studies as an artist and a pedagogue. The next term, I’ll give lessons in Birkan Yetkin school.


Ahmet Nuray
Founder and president of Quantum Idea Group