08 February 2010

Giveaway Aimila

masa blog walking tadi....terjumpa giveaway lagi kat sini ~ dreamneedlebespoke.....tuan rumah - Aimila buat giveaway ni khas sempena meraikan ulangtahun perkahwinannya yang ke 9....
CONGRATULATION ON YOUR 9TH ANNIVERSARY.....semuga berkekalan hingga ke akhirnya.....

ok, ni akak copy-paste sikit ya....

Here's the deal:

1. leave a comment on this post. Please include your email address so I will know how to get in touch with you if you win.

2. blogg about this giveaway and don’t forget to include any one of the above photos… please let me know if you have done this (with a link, of course)

3. become a follower of this blog . Already a follower? Just leave a comment to let me know.

**** Don't forget to leave me a way of contacting you, nothing worse than not being able to contact the winners. I will contact the winners for a complete address so the bag can be sent rightaway.

**** Please note, I will select the winners manually, meaning that I will not be using a random number generator to select the winners- it is my anniversary (of course) so please let me have a chance to select them!!!hehehe.

**** The above shown bags are just samples as I am going to reproduce the same pattern but of different fabrics. The bag will also be chosen randomly, so I apologize that you cannot choose your bag of preference.

**** I will choose 3 winners for the purpose.

**** Entries close on SUNDAY, 21 February 2010, 12pm

I hope this is an appealing prize. I have been so very grateful for the warmth and friendship I have received via this blog in the past year and I really want to reciprocate as best I can.

Thanks to all of you who have supported / commented / followed over the past year. It has truly made a big difference in my life.



* so pada sesiapa yang rajin....boleh la join sama....chao....

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